Starting after 21:30 Limited ★ Reservation till 18 o'clock on the day OK! 【Awesome! 2.5 hrs with all you can drink】 3400 yen
3400 yen

tax included

Reservation OK until the 18 o'clock on the day! Late time start party party · It is perfect for a drinking party suddenly decided ☆ In addition 2.5 hours a day with all you can drink 6 items · 3400 yen course ♪ All you can drink unlimited drinks Increase product range!


◆ 3400 yen 2.5 hour free drinking course · 6 items in total

· Grilled chicken with peppermint

· Garlic fragrant raw ham salad

· Yachtoko Taco Rice

· Young chicken Ryuta fried, Assorted fried potatoes

· Pork shoulder roasted roasted mustard sauce

· Cream Brulee Wed Sanbon Tailoring or Chaos

* It is subject to change due to the weather or purchase of the day. please note that